What to look for inside a caravan

Looking Inside the caravan

There are many things to consider inside a van. Some things are practical and others are aesthetically. Each of these decisions needs to still be considered.

A family using a van has very different needs to a couple or a single person. Make sure there are enough power points and in the places that you will want them.Another consideration is the length of time you will be in the van and where you intend to go. If the van is for short trips your needs will be very different to a van used to travel for months at a time around Australia.

Some things to consider inside a caravan are:

  • Cupboard space. There is nothing worse than stuff cluttered everywhere in a van.
  • Layout
  • Storage space
  • Do you need a full en-suite
  • Full height van has more storage, better toilet/shower and solar panels no problem.
  • solar panels
  • What type of bed and where do you want the bed to be.
  • Air conditioning
  • Number of bed
  • Annex